Our Prospectus gives you an insight into how we will provide your child with endless opportunities to get the best possible start in life.

Annual Report

In 2022, St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 enjoyed a year that was rich in opportunities, experiences, growth and personal achievement.

Strategic Plan 2024-2026

ONE St Hurmizd underpins all aspects of our vision for St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School, our students and our staff.

Canteen Menu

At St Hurmizd, we understand the important role our canteen plays in providing healthy food and drink choices for our students.


Our student uniform enables our students to feel a sense of belonging and develop pride in their appearance and in their School.

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Current Students

EducationBuilding And Maintaining School Belonging
Reading Your Child’s Report
Helping your child get ready for NAPLAN
HealthEat right and be bright
Head Lice
Child Anxiety
10 Ways to Promote Good Mental Health
Managing Anxiety Before it Becomes a Problem
Learning from HomeGuidelines for Face-to-Face Learning
Online Learning – Our School Story
Remote Learning Handbook
Practical Help for ParentsHelping Kids Build Lasting happiness
Teasing Versus Bullying
Helping your child become the best student they can be
Helping Children Make a Bright Start to School
Preparing Your Child For High School
Dos & Donts of Discipline
Disarming Anxiety Before it Becomes a Disorder
Mind your language. How what you say creates your childs Mindset
The Art of Good Conversation with Young People
Tricky Friendship Days
Helping Students Get Ready For The Naplan Tests
School A to Z
Helping Siblings Resolve their Fights
Parenting Girls – Fathering Daughters
Parenting Kids Through Change
Happy Fathers’ Day
Secrets Of Managing Boys
Raising Mighty Boys
Parenting Boys
Positive Parenting
Respect Starts at Home!
Remote Learning Guidlines
TechnologyPrinciples For Savvy Parenting In a Digital World
Digital Diet
Prioritising Mental Health In the Digital World
Technology and Parenting
Establishing Digital Boundaries For the Screen Generation
Screen Time
Rules Around Digital Devices
Technology And Parenting – Technology holiday guide for parents
Technology And Parenting – Staying relevant in a digital world
Strengthening Kids’ Self-Esteem in a Digital World
Parenting insights – Digital social skills
Parenting insights – Keeping kids safe in a cyber world
Technology and Parenting – Protecting Your Child’s Online Privacy
WellbeingParent Self-Care Matters
Connecting With Your Kids
Why Dads Matter
When Things Go Wrong at School
Teaching Kids to be Kind
Parenting Introverts And Quiet Kids
Supporting A Highly Sensitive Child
Building Strong Working Relationships With Teachers
Helping Kids Settle Back into School
Teaching Consent To Children and Teenagers
Thats Leadership Thinking
Anxiety Requires Understanding
Managing Anxiety Before It Becomes a Problem
Common Sense Strategies For Raising Girls
Establishing Digital Boundaries For a Good Nights Sleep
Nurturing Young Boys Friendships
Make Time For Down-Time
The Language Of Respectful Relationships
In Praise Of Fathers The Place Of The Modern Dad
Everyday Resilience Lessons For Kids
How to Manage Stress Caused by Exams and Upcoming Events
Screen Time Habits For Good Eye Health
How Birth Order Knowledge Helps Parents
Parent Self-Care Matters
Respond Honestly to Dishonestly
Turn Your Anger Around Without Yelling
Managing Separation Anxiety At School Drop-Offs
Making a Smooth Transition to Secondary School
Responsible Behaviour – Why Consistency Improves Kids’ Behaviour
How to Help Kids When you think they are being Bullied
Preventing Childhood Bullying
Anxiety Requires Understanding
Building Resilience During The Covid Pandemic
The Power of Sorry
Managing the Mother Load
Making New Friends and Staying in Touch with Old Classmates