At St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School we believe that the development of strong leadership skills begins in the early years.

St Hurmizd Assyian Primary School’s guiding principles of Faith, Heritage and Education provide positive leadership behaviour in all students.

In K–2, students are encouraged to become responsible organisers and positive role models, with class leadership roles shared to ensure an inclusive culture.

In Years 3–6, students are presented with a wide range of leadership opportunities. Each class elects a Class Captain every term and a Student Representative Council (SRC) representative each year.

In Year 6, students also have the opportunity to take on more complex leadership roles. These include Sports Team Captains and House Captains.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) is formed each year with a peer-elected representative from each class in Years 1-6.

SRC Meetings

The representatives meet with the coordinating teacher each Monday during recess, to discuss suggestions raised by students and to action ideas. Minutes are taken during these meetings by the teacher, and are provided to the representatives.

SRC Responsibilities

All representatives have the opportunity to be involved in the many aspects of the SRC and are actively supported by the coordinating teacher. As the student voice, the representatives discuss and action ideas, provide feedback to their classes and present information at Assemblies. They also represent the School at significant events.

The SRC fundraises throughout the year and the money raised is directed towards projects chosen by the students. In the past, this has included purchasing new equipment, organising social events, supporting charities and promoting School spirit.