English as an Additional Language or Dialect

St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School offers targeted English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) programs for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The programs are designed for those who need additional assistance in development and consolidation of their English language reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

The School is committed to ensuring that any student with a physical learning or English language difficulty can participate in the education and choices provided by the School “on the same basis” as those opportunities and choices offered to a student without that physical learning or English language difficulty.


Our School focuses on the individual student to ensure that every student is educated to their full potential at every stage of their learning journey.

Learning Support

We are committed to creating a personalised learning environment for each student at St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School.

Enrichment & Extension

Our Enrichment Program is designed to identify, support and extend high potential learners within a challenging, creative and nurturing environment.