Our philosophy is to promote physical activity to all students and provide opportunities for participation at all levels of skill. Being involved in sport promotes both physical and mental wellbeing, builds confidence, encourages teamwork and helps facilitate friendships outside of the classroom. Sport should be fun, as well as competitive and teach students how to enjoy success and accept disappointment.

At St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School, there are many sporting opportunities available to students ranging from House, representative and private lessons.

Sport Carnivals

St Hurmizd holds annual carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming.  Our students enjoy these days very much and learn a great deal about sportsmanship, teamwork and House spirit. Within the school, St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School has a four House system: Seleucia (Yellow), Edessa (Green), Nineveh (Red) and Nisibis (Blue). House spirit can be very intense during our School carnivals and the students are very House proud.

At each carnival the whole school community comes together and experiences a sense of belonging. They are a highlight of the school calendar.